Welcome to my website presenting my professional career and also free time activities and interests.

First of all, please excuse quality of my English, it is not my native language (and even though I am using it daily, I am mostly communicating with other people, who use it poor, so I might have learned some common mistakes from others too:-)).

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you’d like to help with some project, idea, or you have some suggestion (for a project, article), or if you’d like to add some article to the topic on my website and so on. You can even contact me if you search yourself for someone to participate in your project, which might be interesting to me. If you read this, it means, my mailbox is not yet full of such messages…

Some of my activities  and projects (both professional or for fun) are presented here in separate categories or have their own websites. For now there is unfortunately nothing of interest for NOT Czech speaking visitors..

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