Demolition Man destroyed Taco Bell

The european Blu-ray version of Demolition Man (1993) contains Pizza Hut instead of originally used Taco Bell product placement. It meant several voice-overs , which are sometimes very visible. You can see this change in a short clip on YouTube (unfortunately only with Sylvester Stalone and Sandra Bullock, not the one in line of Nigel Hawthorne).

We have already seen some later edits. For example in Spielberg’s 20th anniversary new director’s cut of E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1982) policemen carry walkie-talkie instead of guns. Later again it has been changed back to guns in the Blu-ray edition.

But let’s remember last year’s Interstellar (2014), where children at school were taught that the lunar program Apollo was fake to make Soviet Union spend a lot of money on the fictional space race. The reason was that children shouldn’t have dream about such things as space and should have focus on farming and other necessary things for the mankind survival in the post-apo world.

But what if we really get to see such changes to affect our knowledge and maybe our opinions as well? It would be enough to change with some special edition just some line about someone or some event to make it appear in a bit different light, nothing drastical… Just think about it.

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