Racing track through Prague in Forza Motorsport 5 (video)

Screenshot from the Forza Motorsport 5 game with PragueIf you have the Xbox One, you can play the arcade racing game Forza Motorsport 5, which contains not only typical racing tracks, but also the testing track from the british TV series TopGear, or for example a circuit through Prague (including Charles Bridge).

You can watch how the whole circuit looks like in the linked let’s play video (beginning at time index 19:00):  Kurt plays Forza Motorsport 5 – EP02 – Pro Difficulty Stig. The video has been recorded by KurtJMac, my favourite let’splayer from Chicago, known for his let’s play video series “Far Lands or Bust” done in Minecraft. (In this series, Kurt walks from zero coordinates to the edge of the Minecraft world, so called “Far Lands”, for more than 3 years. He has been playing in the old beta 1.7.3 version of the game and together with the watchers has raised over $269.000 for Child’s Play Charity.)

Now since I am from Prague, let me comment on several parts of the racing route (you can compare the real places and see the comments also in this Google Map):

  • 20:47 – 20:56 – two fictional bridges over the street leading to the Mánes bridge (link to the Google Maps); you wouldn’t find anything like that in the centre of Prague between Old Town Square and the Vltava river
  • 20:58 – strange fictional bridge over the track on the other bank of Vltava river
  • 21:08 – there is Strakova akademie in front of you and then on the left; it is a house of the czech parliament (lower chamber)
  • 21:27 – driving up the Letná hill, but in an area, where it is not possible in reality; in fact, this reminds me a lot of the street that they use to go down later (Chotkovy sady)
  • 21:41 – nice and realistic view on Prague, but the park itself is very much different than in reality
  • 22:00 – Chotkovy sady street (btw. this street was used to shoot a view of the city in the TV series Chuck, except that it was in winter and they presented it as Zürich in Switzerland)
  • 22:12 – Malostranská metro station (already visible also in approx. 21:06, but hidden behind a billboard)
  • 22:28 – Malostranské square
  • 22:37 – going through New Town tower to Charles Bridge
  • 23:05 – Old Town Square: here the astronomical clock is slightly visible on the left, and here is also the so-called Týn church straight ahead (but in reality it is more hidden behind a line of buildings)
  • 23:10 – Jan Hus (reformer) Memorial
  • 23:22 – street probably inspired by Pařížská (Paris) street, and then Rudolfinum (on your right)

You can see a shorter version of the circuit going the opposite direction in another video (Kurt Plays Forza Motorsport 5 – EP05 – Mini Money Maker). There is a beautiful view of Prague castle around time index 1:35.


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